How to point your domian to your hosting without Name Servers (screen shots)

In this tutorial you will learn how to point your domain name to your desired hosting if you don’t have permissions to change your default name servers.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a practical name of a given website that you want to browse but a domain is attached to an IP address just like in real life When you save a contact in your phone directory the name of person is domain name and the number designated to that person is the IP address. This happens because remembering names is easy then remembering numbers.So when ever you enter a domain name in your browser, the browser will resolve the Domain name into an IP address that points to a webhost where that website is hosted and you will see a webpage in your browser.Simple!

What is a Name Server(DNS server)?

DNS server known as Domain Name System is used to translate domain names such as into Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses that your browser needs, to show a website for browsing.DNS servers are a fundamental part of the Domain Name System. Nameserver is a server on the Internet specialized in handling queries regarding the location of the domain name’s various services. In easy words, name servers define your domain’s current DNS provider.

What can i do if i am unable to change name servers for website?

Well this happens sometimes when you have domain from one company and hosting from another and you dont know how to link them together or Some of the domain registrars don’t let customers change their default name servers specially when you have hosting and domain from same company.What ever the case is there is a way that you can use by yourself and make your website online without much hassle.

I will do this on Cpanel and google cloud but the trick is same for almost all.

Things you need before you start:

1)Access to your Cpanel dashboard and your hosting platform.
2)Keep calm and pay good attention to every step for a smooth process.

Step 1

Login to your Cpanel Dashboard.Scroll to the Domains Section.

Step 2

Click on Zone Editor 

Step 3

You will see different options against your domain name.Click on Manage to see complete list of records.

There you will see an “A Record” against your domain name.Backup value of that record in case any thing goes wrong.

Step 4

Now change the value of “A record” and write the External IP address of your hosting server and save it.
see example of my external IP address of my hosting below.

Now your “A Record” should look like this

Now if you write your domain name in your browser you will successfully see your website running.Sometimes it may take some time to propagate on the internet.Give it some time and it will work.