How To Make Old laptop New Again with Android

Assuming you have an old laptop or PC lying around that you think is waste and probably going to throw away but take a second thought, if i tell you that you can make use of your old laptop and repurpose it with Android and functioning playstore. If you love your old piece of tech and want to bring it to life again follow complete article, I will walk you through every step.


  1. A working Windows PC.(For Making Bootable Usb)
  2. A laptop or Pc with intel processor (x86 or x64)
  3. 2 gb or above RAM.
  4. USB boot option(Check BIOS)
  5. Patience 🙂


We need to prepare our device to be converted into android and for that we need to download and flash an android build onto our device.In my case i had a very old ASUS Eee PC 1005 with only 2 gb of RAM and a 32bit processor that can barely run windows xp. After a lot of searching and installing different versions of android x86 builds i find lineage OS  builds to be very stable and almost working on every device.You can Download latest android for PC from this Link .Choose the latest build with lineage in its name.Make sure you download ISO that is suitable for your processor e.g X86 is for 32bit processors and x64 is for 64bit processors.

After that you need to make a bootable usb drive to flash android onto your old laptop.You can download RUFUS that will make an android bootable usb disk.

Select the downloaded Lineage OS ISO file from Boot Section then Select your desired USB drive, leave all other options untouched and press START button at the bottom.It will take a minute or two to complete and once its done insert that usb drive into your old laptop that needs to be converted into Android. Make sure your old laptop has option to boot from usb.When you boot from usb you will see a screen like below.

Click the option that says Install Lineage OS to Hard Disk, after that select or create a new drive on your local hard disk for android installation beware that this process can destroy all your data so proceed with caution.

If you are making a new partition do not select GPT else use MBR and format it with NTFS or Fat32

Next select YES to install GRUB bootloader


Select YES to Install android system as read/write and proceed

It will Install Android to your Hard disk as seen below

After the system Installation is complete the installer will ask to make a DATA file that will save all your apps and user data.Click YES and enter the required size of data file.

It is recommended to make at least 2 to 4gb data file to download and install apps from play store after installation.

If every step is followed properly the you will see a dialog saying Run Lineage OS

click OK , It will reboot your PC and Boot into Android.